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This fall, Albert and I started an Asian fellowship group. Our friend the Yangs are very gracious and we meet at their house every week and they cook us dinner! Tonight, because it is our only meeting in November, we decided to have a holiday potluck.

It was fun!

Our kids have enjoyed hanging out with other teens their age. Now that they are going to public school, they get to see their friends every day too. Our Bible study seems to have really young kids and then teenagers. The teens congregated around the table.

The food was amazing. Every family in the group has an amazing cook.

There were wonderful Asian dishes — these people can cook!

Yummy Asian noodles, more Asian noodles, Asian beef tendon with tea eggs.

And then there was spaghetti. Guess who brought the spaghetti.

The mom who brought the beef tendons explained to the other women how they had to slow cook it for 2 hours in the slow cooker and flip the meat every 25 minutes so that it came out evenly.

The women asked me: What did you put in your spaghetti? Is it sausage?

Me: No, it is ground beef.

Women: It is? Did you make meatballs? The meat is round like meatballs.

Me: Uh… I defrosted the ground beef in the microwave and it came out half cooked so I threw it in the pot and stabbed it with a spatula. That’s why it came out in clumps.

Women: Ohhhhhh.

Such a contrast — gourmet sliced beef that took two hours to make. Spaghetti with misshapen lumps of ground beef hidden inside sauce that came from a can.

Good thing I don’t try to find my self-esteem in my cooking.

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