Son and sidekick bake a cake

Tonight Daniel and his friend Timmy had to go to a tech meeting that was a dessert potluck. Daniel decided to bake a pumpkin-carrot cake.

Timmy comes and stays at our house and has been “adopted” into our family as our third child. Daniel and Timmy are almost like brothers. Timmy is also a great sport in helping Daniel out. So Daniel recruited Timmy to be his “sous-chef.”

I was cooking dinner while they were baking a cake and it was quite amusing all that happened in the process of two teenage boys baking a cake.

Daniel: What do I have to do first?

Angela: Grate the carrots.

Daniel: Ok. Timmy, here. Grate the carrots. (to Angela) Okay, what do I do next?


Daniel: Mom, do I need to measure? Or can I eyeball it?

Angela: Uh, it’s baking. You’re supposed to measure.

Daniel: Oh. I never did in Foods class. It’s amazing everything turned out right.


Daniel: (to Timmy, who is grating carrots) No, no, Timmy, you’re not doing it right. Let me do it. (Takes the carrot and starts grating.)

Me: Uh, Daniel, that’s not how you grate a carrot. Turn it at an angle so you get more surface area.

Daniel: Oh. That’s what Timmy was doing. (Timmy glares at Daniel.) 


Daniel: (watching Timmy munch on carrot bits) I think Timmy was a rabbit in a former life.


Daniel: (munching on carrot bits) Like Timmy, I also was a rabbit in a former life.


Daniel: Oops. I was supposed to add the carrots after I mixed everything else up. I’m sure it doesn’t make any difference.

Megan: Daniel, you need to follow the directions!

Daniel: I follow directions! Just not all of them.


Yes, quite an amusing comedy. However, he and Timmy did do an excellent job.

The cake was super delicious!

A Yee

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  1. Carmen Lin - November 24, 2011

    I kept laughing while reading Daniel’s conversation. I could not help it. He is so funny.
    Timmy is such a nice companion!
    That is a very nice cake. Is Daniel going to make another one so that I’ll get to sample it?

  2. A Yee

    A Yee - November 24, 2011

    That cake was way too much work with grating all those carrots! I don’t know if they will make it again… but Daniel is good at baking cakes and I’m sure he can bake something else!

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