Old carbon paper

We had a wonderfully relaxing Thanksgiving today, mostly staying home and resting and hanging out together. Timmy was over for a while and then he went home for dinner.

I rested and relaxed and relieved stress by decluttering. I went through a file cabinet of old manuals and started tossing things. One of the things I came across was carbon paper from a receipt way back in 1988. I showed Megan the carbon paper. Then we had a conversation.

Megan: Wow! What’s that!?

Angela: Carbon paper. See, you write on it and then it transfers over to another sheet.

Megan: Wow! Cool! Why is it called carbon paper?

Angela: Uh… I guess it was carbon that transferred or something. Nowadays they have NCR paper, no carbon required, so it automatically transfers over without carbon paper. But this was back from 1988. It’s older than you!

Megan: This must have been back in the old days when there was no PowerPoint and no PowerPoint slides.

Angela: That’s right. Well, I’ll just recycle this. (Tosses into trash bin.)

Megan: (gasps) What?!!!! You can’t just throw that away!

Angela: Why not?

Megan: They’re antiques! You should sell them on eBay!


Boy, do I feel old…

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  • Reply Carmen Lin

    The carbon paper was way before PowerPoint and PowerPoint slides. They were later inventions.
    The carbon paper was actually before the Xerox (copy) machine was invented. Of course in 1988 some people were still using the carbon copy although copy machine had been in existence.
    If Megan is interested in learning, people had been hand-copying everything thousands of years since the beginning of writing without the aid of a carbon copy. That was why we had the ancient manuscripts of the Bible. They were all hand copied, every single one.
    Angela, you do not have to feel old just because your daughter is learning these things of the past.
    I’m interested in Biblical Archaeology, but it did not make me feel old. We are all young in the face of eternity.

    November 25, 2011 at 11:57 am
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