Albert’s company Christmas party

Tonight Albert and I headed out to Roseville for the Christmas party with all his fellow workers. We were stuck in 1.5 hours of traffic! Albert drove and I slept almost the whole way.

We met in a clubhouse. I don’t know how many people were there but it was a good sized group. There’s my hubby, in the middle!


It was a very nice setting. However, being a designer, I found the chafing dishes fascinating. They looked like science fiction spaceships.

The serving table looked very attractive.

And of course I enjoyed looking at all the decorations. Even pointy-coned things looked cool.

Who goes to company Christmas parties and takes picture of the centerpieces? Only someone who has an event blog that shows examples of decorations.

Oh yeah, and the people were pretty cool too. 🙂

One part of the evening was each table had to share the most unique Christmas tradition and then at the end everyone voted by cheering. The lady who won said that she puts out cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve, along with carrots and broccoli. Then after the kids go to sleep, she takes away the cookies and chews up the carrots and spits them all over the lawn so that when the kids wake up, it looks like the reindeer ate the veggies.

It was a very fun evening!

A Yee

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