Low-key Christmas

At Ministry Director’s meeting the other week, we shared what our Christmas traditions were. I said, “Our family has always been involved in Christmas Eve service, and then we spend Christmas Day recovering.”

Well that was definitely the case this year!

Albert was sick in early December and passed it onto me. As a result, we missed my staff Christmas party. I just went downhill from there and this past week has been the worst — a really bad cough to the point that 3 nights in a row I spent the night sitting up on my sofa sucking cough drops because it was the only way to keep from coughing so much. Even cough medicine didn’t help much. The night before our Christmas Eve services I got only about 4 hours of sleep and was mostly awake the rest of the night coughing on the sofa.

During Christmas Eve services, I was up in the tech booth guzzling cough medicine and cough drops. A kind lady from our congregation saw me coughing up there and brought me a mug of warm tea, which also helped.

Albert made me a concoction of lemon, honey and ginger, which also helped.

But the cough has been persistent. I counted one evening I was coughing about every 30 seconds for a long time. As a result my whole diaphragm is sore and I think I bruised a rib on the side — hurts if I breathe deeply or put pressure there.

So, Christmas Day we intentionally kept things low key. We stayed home all day in our pajamas.

However, we did a little celebrating. Albert made a really nice brunch for us and then woke me up so I could enjoy it with the family.

The kids read the Christmas story from the Bible.

We sang happy birthday to Jesus and celebrated with a birthday cake.

This year we didn’t buy any gifts for family. Inspired by a young girl in our congregation who gave up her Christmas gifts to give gifts to the poor, we decided to do the same thing. I was very proud of our kids for their willingness to give up gifts. We did it with our extended family too!

But it’s really hard to be a parent and not get your kids something — it’s such a wonderful way to say how much we love them. So we both got them little gifts as a surprise.

Then the rest of the day we relaxed and hung out and slept until Albert cooked us a nice dinner.

I reflected on how incredibly good God has been to us — so  many blessings in so many ways. Christ’s birth thousands of years ago has changed the world and continues to change our lives! Now having kids of my own, it’s unimaginable to do what the Father did, giving up his own Son for our sake.

Truly much to be thankful for!


A Yee

Angela Yee is a professional designer (graphic design, stage design, interior design — angelayeedesign.com) and teaches leadership skills at strategysketchnotes.com.

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