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Yesterday our family took a quick one-day visit down to visit Albert’s family. His sister Audrey’s family was visiting from Denver, so we swung down to visit everyone.

It was a very relaxing time. I slept in the car almost the whole way down, fell asleep in the afternoon, and then fell asleep on the way home too! The kids also fell asleep here and there in assorted locations. Poor Megan got a bit carsick. Only Albert stayed awake for the drive and up and down — which was a good thing, as he was the driver.

We sat around in the afternoon and ate and chatted. One of the most entertaining times was when the kids took Audrey’s iPhone and started playing with the digital personal assistant, Siri, which talks aloud from the phone. It’s meant to help you find answer to questions or look up locations for places, but our relatives got a bit creative. At first they asked questions like, “What is a good Italian restaurant?” Pretty soon the questions degenerated to pretty ridiculous demands.

Question: What does “obfuscating” mean?

Siri: Would you like me to do a web search on “office skating?”

There were all sorts of random topics to explore.

Question: Where are you from?

Siri: I was manufactured by Apple, Incorporated, which is located in Cupertino.

Another funny one was:

Question: I love you.

Siri: You don’t know me well enough.

The favorite one was a line from a Monthy Python movie. They decided to ask it just to see how Siri would answer.

Question: What is the air speed of an unladen swallow?

Siri: African or European?

Everyone burst out laughing, as this is the answer from the movie. However, when they tried the exact same question again, the answer was “Approximately 25 miles per hour.” They couldn’t get it to work again!

All in all, everyone was amused for the better part of an hour. Dad finally asked, “Don’t you guys have anything better to do with your time?” and Jack said, “Well… actually… we don’t.” Everyone went on eating and asking Siri silly questions.

Then it was time to go out for dinner. We went to a nearby Italian restaurant. Here Megan and Mom compare fingers to see who has longer fingers. (I think Megan won.)

Daniel and his cousin Noah. Noah really grew this year!

Me and my beloved husband!

The kids amused themselves by drawing lots of pictures on the paper tablecloths. Daniel said, “Look, Mom! Megan and I both drew eyes!” Daniel’s was in red. Megan’s was in blue. Our son is so funny.

The dinner was totally delicious. After that we walked down to Baskin Robbins. Ice cream is one of Megan’s favorite food groups. You can tell by her expression how delighted she is — hey, her expression almost looks like her chibi drawing!

We were wondering how such a small girl could put such a big ice cream cone down. Apparently she has a second stomach for ice cream.

I realized last year I kept forgetting to take pictures with Albert’s parents when we went to visit so I made sure to get more pictures this time!

It’s pretty rare for Mom and Dad to get pictures of all their grandkids together. Cousin Benjamin got into the fun as well (by the pink gift on the wall).

We also took a rare picture of the adult children with Mom and Dad.

It was a very nice trip, though short. Albert and I have been pretty tired this vacation (Albert from working really hard this semester and me from being sick), so we went home and I got an amazing 7 hours straight of sleep — can’t remember the last time I slept that many hours in a row! I’m feeling much better now, other than the pain in my side from a bruised rib (or whatever it is) from coughing so much.

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