Video game lingo

One of the video games Daniel has been playing lately is called Uncharted. It’s fun to watch him because it’s like a movie. There’s a story line and then puzzles and fighting and the animation is amazing.

What is also immensely amusing is hearing the running commentary that accompanies the game.

Daniel: Dun afraid of anything! (Charges in.) Waaauuughhhhhhhhh!!! Arghhhhh! (Dies.) (Repeat many times.)

Then Daniel got stuck. No matter what, he couldn’t win one scene.

Daniel: This game! This game! What is this!!!!! Forget this dumb game! I rage quit!

Daniel went off to do something else. Megan decided to give it a try.

Megan: Oh no! They’re shooting at me! I need a hidey hidey hole! I’m out of ammo. I need a shooty-shooty gun. (Wins the scene.) Yay! (Makes character do a victory jump.) Oh look! I get to ride a horse! Whee! (Makes horse run in circles.)

Albert was watching Megan, and after watching a while, he commented too.

Albert: Oh no, Megan! Enemy! Runny, runny!! (Later) Oh, Megan, look at the treasure treasure!

Megan: I think it’s funny Daddy is now repeating everything twice.

Daniel posted on Facebaook: “That feeling you realize that your younger sister is better at shooters than you are.”

His comment got immediate likes.


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