2011 in review

2011 was an interesting year! More transitions… but good ones!

Here’s a brief overview of what happened. You can click on the links if you want more details!

 2011 Yee Yeear in Ryeeview


Angela continues her relaxing hobby of knitting, making a red scarf.
Angela’s team starts the year off with a new stage design.
Albert travels east and gets stuck in the snow.
We start a new Bible study for our kids and their friends — an Asian teen Bible study. The first study takes a look at the Prodigal Son from an Asian geeky viewpoint.



Angela coordinates a marriage conference.
Megan goes to Fresno to perform with the All-State Orchestra, made of the best musicians in the state. It’s an incredible experience!
More knitting projects.



We create a different kind of chore list for the kids.
Our friend the Lees visit from the Bay Area! Always a rare treat when friends come to visit.
Our family learns new things about our Meyers-Briggs personality profiles.
It rains so much that Davis ends up under water. The land on either side of the freeway is under water. If you’d like to see the contrast of high water and low, click here.
Angela gets back to her jewelry hobby.



Albert helps Angela stay healthy by raising her desk to standing level.
Angela celebrates her 44th birthday.
Angela’s mom’s house is on the market to sell because she plans to move to Davis.
Angela’s sister Corrie takes her out to tea fr her birthday
We celebrate Angela’s nephew’s third birthday. He has a really cool punch with animals floating on glaciers of snow.
We remodel our kitchen counters.
 Angela’s team works on a stage design for Easter.


Albert and Angela get away for a weekend in Santa Cruz, including an amazing dinner to celebrate Angela’s birthday late.
Megan performs in her junior high musical, Godspell. She does a great job and we thoroughly enjoy the show.
No picture. Angela, who has been struggling health wise for a while, is diagnosed with multiple stress-related issues and goes on a 3-month leave of absence from work.
A weird event — there is a funnel cloud in Davis!
   Daniel takes a foods class at school and really enjoys it. He makes us a cheesecake.


Megan and her orchestra go down to Santa Cruz for the Music in the Parks competition and they get first place!
Angela makes more knitted wraps. She also starts a first crochet project.
Angela starts a new blog geared to those starting out in design and photography, Design Arts Today.
Our family goes to Florida for vacation. The first day is met with pounding rain.
We visit Epcot

Hollywood Studios
Ride the monorail
And go to Universal Studios. Unfortunately, Albert gets motion sick and Megan gets heat exhaustion.
After 15 years in the engineering field, Albert is going to make a career change to become a math and physics professor! He announces his resignation.
We help Angela’s mom pack her house up to move to Davis.
Angela discovers the most relaxing pastime thus far — doing jigsaw puzzles. It helps in her recuperation.


Our back yard gets a new makeover.
A different way to look at jigsaw puzzles.
This time Angela takes Corrie out for her birthday tea.


Albert begins baking fresh bread! We are so spoiled by his delicious creations.
Albert and Angela celebrate their 19th anniversary.
Yet another new stage design.
Angela’s mom moves to Davis! Angela helps unpack a little but is limited due to tiredness.
Angela’s sister Leslie visits from Boston! We celebrate nephew Matthew’s first birthday.
We are able to have a big dinner celebrationfor my mom’s 70th birthday, with all her kids and grandkids together.

After three months away, Angela returns to work and heads to a retreat.
Megan turns 15. (Albert celebrates a birthday too but we don’t have any pictures.)


Daniel turns 17. We visit Albert’s parents.
Albert teaches at our church’s summer day camp — Breakaway to the Arctic Freeze. The kids call him Nunu of the North.
Albert loves being a professor, though it is a ton of work.
Daniel applies for colleges. Can’t believe he’s going to college next year! He kind of has a funny approach to applying though…
After a long break, Angela gets back to editing videos.
Megan stresses out about violin seating auditions.


Angela is a guest speaker on an online conference and makes a video about personal health in ministry.
New stage design, this one for our series “The Hole in Our Gospel,” a very convicting and challenging book about our call to care for the poor and needy.
Daniel gets his first paid job as a fencing instructor. He also serves many other roles.
Albert finally sells the miniature gaming pieces he painted years ago.
Crocheted baby blanket.


Albert takes up drawing Japanese Chibi-style cartoons. The first one he draws is of himself.
He also draws one of Megan.
Angela makes more earrings.
This fall, we started an Asian Fellowship Bible study.
Megan cooks Japanese food for her Japanese class project.
Albert draws Chibi Daniel.


A crocheted shawl.
Albert’s last family Chibi drawing — Angela.
The whole family participates in the church’s Christmas Eve program.
December’s stage design.
The last stage design for the year!
We visit Albert’s family in Los Altos.
Angela and Daniel go out to holiday tea with Angela’s mom.

Humorous conversations

For those who enjoy the interesting conversations our family has, here are some for your reading pleasure:

A Yee

Angela Yee is a professional designer (graphic design, stage design, interior design — angelayeedesign.com) and teaches leadership skills at strategysketchnotes.com.

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  1. Carmen Lin - December 29, 2011

    If I were to pick one item that highlights my year, it has to be Megan’s school musical. Having been so busy with the move to Davis and with my time so occupied since then, I have practically forgot about it until now. I went through all the views again and the whole play and singing just came back. I thoroughly enjoyed that performance! Especially it was a time-out for me during my hectic selling the house/buying one in Davis, etc. Thank you again, Megan (& Angela) and your crew (classmates) for that outstanding performance.

  2. A Yee

    A Yee - December 29, 2011

    So glad you were able to attend! It’s nice now that you live in the same city, you can attend your grandchildren’s events!

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