Tea with two

Yesterday my mom and my son went with me to have a holiday tea in Roseville. It’s a bummer Corrie couldn’t join us — she caught the flu. 🙁

It’s the first time the three of us have gone out to tea and we had fun! My son is so big now… tallest one in our family!

Grandma and son, out to tea together! Daniel even exchanged his usually sketch t-shirt/hoodie wardrobe for a button-up shirt. He said, “So I don’t bring shame to the family.” Wow! I didn’t even ask him to!

I love my son!

The man who came over to introduce things to us told us there was a vanity to dress up in hats and jewelry if we wished. He looked at Daniel and said, “Sorry, we don’t have much for you.” Daniel said, “It’s ok. I’m good.” Then the man told us that the day before, a grandpa, grandma and their 2 granddaughters came to tea. The women had the grandpa dressed to the nines. So funny!

We all got cranberry hibiscus tea — good choice. I really liked it!

The food was soooo good. Those scones were some of the best I have ever tasted. I think the cinnamon rolls were the best I have tasted too. The lemon curd was perfect. Daniel, who made scones and lemon curd in his foods class, was greatly appreciative of the quality of the food.

However, he probably found the most fascination in the egg timer on the table. He played with it the whole time we were there.

I heard him muttering things like, “Why does the stream of sand come out at the same rate despite the amount of sand above it? Will the shape of the dome of sand change depend on the angle of the surface beneath it?”

My husband’s son…

For some reason, I took pictures of the sandwiches but they appear to have disappeared. Well, they’re gone for good now… in our tummies. They were quite yummy.

The next course was cream of broccoli soup with toasted slivered almonds, salad with pear and candied almonds, and super-amazing quiche with 4 cheeses, veggies, and olives. Wow, it was good!

Dessert was brownie, cream puff with whipped cream and chocolate, and eggnog with peppermint ice cream in it. Also yummy.

We were stuffed and had a good time. It was fun going to tea with Daniel because, unlike his sister, he actually likes teas. He likes sampling all the assorted foods and appreciates the tastes and textures. Between him and Megan, he was also the only one who played with plastic food when he was a little kid, and also of the two he is the only one who likes to cook.

While we were out, Albert took Megan on a date. They went out for Asian noodles (Megan’s favorite) and then, at Megan’s request, went to the thrift store. That’s true love of a father — to take his daughter to the thrift store even though you don’t like shopping!

Megan, the ultimate bargain hunter, found a rolling chair for $2.50. It was regularly $5 but she got it at half off. Her old rolling chair broke. This one is very sturdy and will last a long time. Can’t believe she got it at such a bargain!

A Yee

Angela Yee is a professional designer (graphic design, stage design, interior design — angelayeedesign.com) and teaches leadership skills at strategysketchnotes.com.

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