Friends, food, and finished scarf

The feast of food continues. Today our small group (Asian Fellowship) got together at the Yang’s house for a New Year’s brunch.

It was a pajama party. When we rang the doorbell, Stephanie opened the door and pointed at each of us and said, “Pajama, pajama, pajama, pajama, pajama. Ok, you pass. You can come in.” (There were five of us because Megan’s friend came over.)

Some people didn’t wear their pajamas and some of the more humorous members of the group threatened that next time if people didn’t wear their pajamas, they would have their pajamas picked out for them — including frilly nightgowns with teddy bears printed on them for the guys to wear.

The food was totally amazing. There was a lot!

Afterwards we played Catchphrase, girls against guys. Stephanie was making all the rules, which the guys protested against. Albert said, “You know, in countries where the jury and the judge are the same, they call that a dictatorship. I’m just sayin’!”

We had quite a good time laughing.

Afterwards we came home and had various stages of nappage. (Daniel slept til 6 and we had to wake him up!)

The rest of the day was relaxing. Albert finished a scarf that he loom-knitted! It is beautiful and looks so uniform! Megan said when she goes to school, her classmates always ask, “Did you knit that? Or did your mom knit that?”

They’ll never believe Albert made this!

Last day of break — it’s been very relaxing!

A Yee

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  1. Carmen Lin - January 3, 2012

    My compliment to Albert for a job very well done. That looks so beautiful!

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