Girls’ day out

Today the women in our small group went out for tea! (One was missing, as she was out of town.)

The other week we were chatting and discovered some of us loved high tea. So we decided to have an outing and we went to Linde Lane in Dixon. I have been there a number of times but it was the first time for the others.

We had a great time. We had a little alcove and admired all the cool decorations. Linde Lane has the best ambience of the many tea places in the Sacramento area that I have been to. (I am also impressed that the lady who took our picture did a really good job!)

A number of us are interested in photography so part of the conversation was talking about cameras. (I must say that it is unusual to be among a group of women and be talking about gear.)

Stephanie kept taking pictures of her food because her camera has a cool macro lens.

Yes, she was taking pictures of the sugar cubes. I thought that was a good idea. The sugar cubes were super cute. (Except my camera does not have a macro lens so the picture was a little blurry.

First was a strawberry sorbet and shortbread cookie. (Too blurry — I was too close again.) Then we had a yummy salad. I don’t usually like croutons but these were delicious!

Then there was Italian Wedding Soup. That was the only name of the food I caught the whole time. It had a round pasta and sausage. So good! This place always has good food. Every time I’ve been here it’s different and it’s always delicious.

The sweet and savory food was awesome. I got my own plate because we were an odd numbered group. I don’t know what any of these things were because all I heard the lady say was, “This is a lemon (something) cookie… blah blah blah.” I didn’t catch a single other name.

However, from eating I discovered the quiche was a bacon quiche (sooooo good!), there was a puff with something yummy inside, the sandwich was cinnamon roll bread with apple and cream cheese, and the back was some kind of pastry with cucumber and cream cheese.

In addition, there were scones with delicious jam and cream. So delicious and huge! This is the two-portion plate, and all our scones came out on a single plate.

We had an awesome time and decided we needed to do another girls’ day out in a few months!


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