Another family conversation

Chip off the old block:

Angela: I heard today was the last day to turn in the form at the school if Daniel wants to graduate!

Daniel: How do they expect us to hear any announcements when everyone is always talking? I didn’t know about it!

Angela: I can’t believe the school doesn’t send any emails to the parents letting them know about these things!!!!

Albert: (sheepish grin) Uh… it probably was in the PTA email I got that I deleted without reading.

Angela: Here today I was wondering how in the world I birthed the most big-picture, non-detail-oriented son in the entire Yee/Lin lineage! And it was because of his father!

Albert: Hee hee.



Albert: (picking up an envelope Angela left on his desk to mail) Why is this envelope unsealed?

Angela: What?! I licked it!

Albert: It’s a self-adhesive envelope. (Peels off paper and sticks the flap closed.)

Angela: Hee hee.


Life lesson for looking at the splinter in someone else’s eye while ignoring the log in your own eye…


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