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April 2012

  • Family Life

    Ideal vacation day 1

    Albert and I are on vacation this weekend, and it is a total blessing! It’s exactly how we would like…

  • Family Life

    Birthday #3

    This past week, we celebrated a third birthday — our friend Glen’s 50th birthday! He had a Host a Murder…

  • Family Life

    Birthday #2

    Last week we celebrated a second birthday — my nephew Stephen’s birthday. His birthday was actually earlier, but our extended…

  • Family Life

    Birthday #1

    April is a month of birthdays. The first one we celebrated this month was — mine!

  • Organizing

    Relaxation basket

    Every day I have to take breaks and go to the sofa to rest. Typically it looks like this:

  • Family Life

    Teen hangout

    Albert and I love it that our house is a teen hangout. Our kids invite their friends over regularly. There…

  • Humor

    Video controller solution

    Tonight Daniel had his friends over to play together. His friend Timmy brought a new Playstation 3 wireless controller but…