Celebrity at Yee household

This past week a new magazine came out.

Guess who was on the front cover.

Albert is famous!

William Jessup University (where Albert works) renamed/redesigned their magazine, and Albert was selected to be featured in it.

So far all the pictures I have seen of professors in their magazine have them looking very dignified and professional.

But Albert — well, let me say they captured his personality. (Part of the reason I love this guy!)

Albert even dressed up for his photo shoot. When he arrived, they handed him an Angry Birds t-shirt, put football paint on him, and turned on a big fan. (Albert uses stuffed Angry Birds in one of his physics experiments. He really enjoys keeping the kids engaged in class.)

To his dismay, they also decided to show quite a portfolio of how the photo shoot went.

Albert is walking around now, going, “The things I do for my university…”

Well, I am very proud of him. He keeps his students very engaged in class and at times they will even ask him to do something again so they can video him and put it on Facebook. There’s a reason they asked him to do this kind of thing — I’m sure very few professors could pull this off!

Albert, on the other hand, is a bit mortified at his new-found fame.

  • One of the people in my office got the magazine and showed it to everyone in the office.
  • A member of the congregation wrote Albert a note saying how much they enjoyed the magazine.
  • Another member of the congregation said she got two copies in the mail so she put one in the church library for everyone to see.
  • And one of friends from our old church in Fremont said someone brought it into the church office there and showed it to everyone!

Here’s a PDF of the article if you’d like to see it. (The magazine was so big it barely fit on our scanner!)

A Yee

Angela Yee is a professional designer (graphic design, stage design, interior design — angelayeedesign.com) and teaches leadership skills at strategysketchnotes.com.

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  1. Carmen Lin - April 2, 2012

    Although Albert does not look like a dignified professor, as long as he is good at keeping his students engaged and enabled them to learn, I think I’m rather proud of this son-in-law!

  2. Carmen Lin - April 2, 2012

    Angela, thanks for including this PDF article from the magazine. I enjoyed reading it. Yes, again, I’m proud of this son-in-law, especially for his decision to leave the private sector and taking up the challenge to help students learn. I wish I had a teacher like him for my HS physics class. I learned nothing from that class and it was the poorest I ever did as a student. An able teacher makes a lot of difference. I was myself a HS English teacher in Taiwan and a few years ago one of my former students introduced me as “The best English teacher ever.” I thank the Lord for giving me the gift and the chance to impact some students as well.

  3. Corrie - April 3, 2012

    That’s a great article!!

  4. Leslie - April 23, 2012

    This was a great article. It’s just like Albert to do hands-on activities in his classes! It sounds like so much fun.

    Also, I didn’t realize WJU was a Christian college until I saw “youth ministry professor” in the article.

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