Movie choices

Heard at the Yee household:

Angela: Let’s watch a movie. We are all off (on vacation) tomorrow. It feels like a movie night.

Albert: Great! Let’s check out Netflix. (We got a free one-month subscription.) Let’s see. Comedy Action and Adventure. Spy Action and Adventure. Martial Arts Action and Adventure. Hong Kong Action and Adventure.

Angela: I sense a recurring theme here.

Albert: I’m just naming the categories. (gasps) Kagamusha! That’s the best movie ever! Classic Japanese movie.

Angela: Does it have a happy ending?

Albert: No. (gasps) Ran! Another classic Japanese movie!

Angela: Does it have a happy ending?

Daniel: I sense a recurring theme here.

 Albert: No. Of course not. They never have happy endings.

Albert: Romantic comedy. Maybe we should watch a romantic comedy movie.

Daniel: (deadpan voice) I want to watch all the romance movies. I’m totally into romance.

Albert: (continuing to look at categories) Horror.

Angela: Ewww. (We never watch horror movies.)

Daniel: I know. Let’s watch a Romantic Horror movie. It’s everything our family loves. We love romance and we love horror. What could possibly go wrong?

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  1. Albert - April 10, 2012

    No, no.. not just Romantic Horror. It has to be Japanese Samurai Romantic Horror 🙂

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