Birthday #3

This past week, we celebrated a third birthday — our friend Glen’s 50th birthday!

He had a Host a Murder dinner. A total of eight people dressed up in costume and played a character. One person was the murderer and we had to figure out who it was.

Everyone really got into it. I totally loved the costumes!

The theme was about Mardi Gras (thus the masks in the picture). There was a varied and questionable cast of characters:

  • I was supposed to be a French maid. My excuse was I lived in America and therefore had no French accent. (I couldn’t do a French accent to save my life!)
  • Albert was a lawyer who was best friends with the deceased.
  • Brent Meyer was a chef who was an aspiring TV star.
  • Carrie Meyer was a former barmaid from Las Vegas and the deceased’s wife.
  • Karen was a goth novelist.
  • Glen was a banjo musician.
  • Jill Cosgrave was the daughter of the deceased, a beauty queen.
  • Theron Cosgrave was a “swamp boy,” madly in love with Jill.

We had a total blast. I won’t give away who the murderer is in case anyone who reads this blog plays the game.

I think I spent more of the night laughing than anything else. Carrie and Albert had me in stitches. I was laughing so hard I was crying!

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