Ideal vacation day 1

Albert and I are on vacation this weekend, and it is a total blessing! It’s exactly how we would like to spend an ideal weekend away together — totally relaxing.

We were incredibly blessed to be gifted with a weekend away at a really nice hotel in the all-time vacation destination… drum roll… Petaluma!

You may think we joke, but actually we have loved this vacation!

(They tried to get us a weekend in Napa but the hotel was booked there.)

First of all, we feel so greatly thankful for such a generous gift. It turns out I was a member at this chain (I forgot) and we get a bunch of free benefits too! The hotel is super nice and quiet.

I was organized and brought some baskets to hold a knitting project, and other baskets to hold various odds and ends. I am glad I got these baskets from IKEA because they zip up flat and I can toss them into my suitcase. And they weigh practically nothing!

(I am using like the world’s largest knitting needle to create what is called broomstick lace crochet. This is my first broomstick lace project.)

This is why this has been an ideal vacation for us — we discovered all these cool places in Petaluma that encompass things that we like to do!


1. There is a sticker factory 4 minutes’ drive from our hotel! I use stickers all the time now in my journaling so I am always on the lookout for nice (and cheap) stickers. I have found stickers to be a good way to keep myself regular in journaling!

There were discount stickers! Like 12 cents a sheet or even if I wanted to splurge — gasp — 50 cents a sheet. Wow!

(Albert read a book on his phone while I was browsing. Stickers are not his thing. But he is a very supportive husband!)

2. Albert and I like to eat yummy food.

We wandered around downtown Petaluma and found a super yummy cafe, very quaint inside.

They had a killer almond croissant, freshly warmed in the oven!

Albert ordered the crab chowder, with big chunks of crabmeat in it (that’s a piece right there — the one that looks dark).

3. We like to go to Starbucks. There was one 3 doors down and we had to use the bathroom.

4. Albert likes bikes. We stopped by a bike store and Albert drooled over the bikes. Being an engineer, he has an appreciation for well-made bikes!

5. We found a bead store!

Although Albert is an engineer, he has an artistic eye and enjoyed looking at all the cool and diverse beads too.

Being a big spender, I bought a whopping 12 beads, each of which cost anywhere from 15 to 52 cents.

6. Albert and I love to read. Before we got married, our dates were going to the library and the bookstore. We found a large bookstore with the entire lower floor all used books — a rarity in this age of closing bookstores! It was very nice browsing.

7. Then we found a yarn store!

For some odd reason, the yarn store also had live chicks peeping in the window. I thought it was interesting that so many of them chose to sit on that wooden box.

Albert and I had a good time looking through all the cool yarns. I think about 80% of the store was yarns I have never seen before — not yarns carried by the online yarn places I usually frequent!

I really liked all the Japanese yarns there. I think this was the first time I have ever seen so many Japanese yarns in one place.

Afterwards, we went to Michaels for Albert to get some cheap yarn to practice knitting on.

Albert: Coming to Michaels after being in that yarn store is like… is like…

Angela: It’s like using Times New Roman.

We both thought that was a good description.

8. Albert and I like to watch movies. We spent $1.20 on a video from Redbox yesterday (Hugo) and watched it. I didn’t like it very much. I read the book but didn’t remember 95% of it. So it was like watching a new movie.

We also got a free one month trial of Amazon, which lets you watch streaming movies for free! But we were so busy exploring downtown, we haven’t taken advantage of it.

It is pretty amazing that Petaluma has just about all the types of shops we would go to on a vacation. The only thing I have to do now is find a place that has a good caramel apple place. That’s another thing we do on vacation.

For dinner, we drove up to Sonoma and ate at a Restaurant called The Girl and the Fig. I liked the cool bread basket.

Albert got the mushroom/prosciutto soup. I totally loved the salad (menu called it “sweet gem salad: green garlic goddess dressing, duck fat croutons, cracked black pepper, shaved pepato cheese).

We shared a scallops dish with yummy sauce (seared bay scallops, carrot puree, hazelnuts, saba).

We also shared the dessert, a caramel chocolate tart with caramel ice cream.

It was totally delicious. Good thing we rarely eat out at home — this stuff is totally unhealthy compared to what we eat at home.

Speaking of home, I was totally impressed that the kids cooked up their own dinner tonight!


I also thought it was funny that Megan doesn’t like tomatoes so I noticed that they made some bruschetta above that is tomato-less.

Besides all the fun above, Albert and I have also had time to talk, read, knit/crochet, blog, walk, Skype with the kids, and journal, reflect, and pray.

It’s been a wonderful time with my husband!

A Yee

Angela Yee is a professional designer (graphic design, stage design, interior design — and teaches leadership skills at

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  1. Leslie - April 30, 2012

    Wow, looks like so much fun! By the way, chickens love to perch. If you notice, all the chicks are perching on the edge of the box. All the chicks we hatched (within a few days) would immediately jump to the edge of a box and perch there. We also partially covered their crate with an oven grill and they liked to perch on the rungs of the grill.

  2. A Yee

    A Yee - May 5, 2012

    That’s amazing! I didn’t know that. That is so weird… I guess maybe it’s like other birds like to perch on branches? I always think of chickens as ground animals but they really are birds so that makes sense!

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