Catch-up and clouds

It’s been a reeeeeeeeelly long time since I’ve blogged — I’ve missed the entire month of May! I also haven’t had time to read  other people’s blogs. I have 600 blogs piled up to read.

May has been an extremely busy month!

  • I traveled out of town.
  • I worked almost every weekend.
  • I was recovering from not feeling so good a number of days.
  • I had extra work projects.
  • I started a seminary class, which has kept me extremely busy.
  • The kids had extra school things we had to attend to.

Blah blah blah… in other words… just a lot going on. I have felt in constant catch-up mode but this weekend I am finally taking a day off to relax and do some blogging!

I’m not even sure where to start, but since I like short posts with lots of pictures I think I will do it a little at a time. At least there will be reading material for anyone out there who likes to read blogs. 🙂

So here’s something a little random…

On April 14, it was a very blustery day. It was an odd combination of sunny weather, wind, rain, hail, and then sun again.

Albert and I drove out and saw a big cloud.

This cloud looked like the big cloud from the movie Independence Day, which ended up being a giant UFO. That’s really what it looked like!

I’m not really sure why I’m blogging about UFO’s hiding in clouds over Davis other than because I have an active imagination!

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  1. Glen Nielsen - June 2, 2012

    Welcome back! On behalf of your fanbase, we are delighted to finally get another fascinating post after such a severe drought!!!

    Fascinating for two reasons:

    1. that you and albert actually go out driving to look for clouds, and

    2. that you miss the entire month of May w/no blogs, and your first return post is about something that happened in mid-April!

    Never predictable, that’s for certain!

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