Sewing party

Yesterday I got to work with a bunch of fun and hard-working people on a project for our youth/college pastors. We had a sewing party to make stage curtains.

We got 77 yards of black panne/velour material on clearance at a super duper cheap deal. There was a lot of cutting involved!

There was a ton of cutting involved, actually. Judy’s rotary cutter and cutting board helped a lot!

Then there was lots of sewing too, as demonstrated by Dotty.

In fact, all five women brought their sewing machines. (I brought mine too but ended up not using it.) There was also a serger that saed us immense amounts of time.

Oh yeah, and Glen was there too for part of the day. He did all our heavy lifting,setup, and food. He leads one of our youth groups and helped put this project together.

Lorraine, Laurie, and Gail were the other three who helped with this project.

In the end, we finished all the projects early! Yay!!

Today I am very wore from bending/crouching constantly for the 7 hours yesterday. (Boy am I out of shape!) Feel totally pooped from the project but it was worth it. After being sick/recovering most of the week and working on this project, now I can really be on vacation. 🙂

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  1. Carmen Lin - June 20, 2012

    Thank God for these saintly women who gave you such a big helping hand!

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