Yet another travel incident

Last month (still catching up! I’m now up to May 20th!) I flew out to Chicago.

It was a very interesting trip.

As usual, I had my travel troubles… this is very typical of me, why Albert doesn’t like me to travel! It is actually a bit fuzzy in my mind since it was so long ago, but here is what I wrote in my journal (as well as some more detailed notes).

  • 10:30 am left the house for Sacramento airport.
  • 12:30 pm flight to Phoenix.
  • Arrived 2:30 Phoenix time.
  • Flight to Chicago was supposed to leave at 3:10.
  • Flight was delayed four times due to weather problems in Chicago.
  • Finally got on the plane. We all buckled in.
  • They then announced Chicago had delayed the flight again another hour.
  • We all got off the plane and waited another hour.
  • Finally got on and were allowed to take off. It was now around 6:30 pm?
  • There was major turbulence, lightning and thunder as we flew into Chicago.
  • Landed on the runway and then stopped. O’Hare had shut down the ramps because of lightning strikes. It was not safe for the personnel.
  • Tum de dum dum. Sat in the plane a long time. Saw a long line of planes backed up as far as I could see in either direction.
  • They let us taxi to the gate. It was raining so hard the asphalt looked like the surface of water that is seething with swarming fish. Unfortunately, my phone didn’t take such a good picture.

  • By the time I got off the plane, it was 11:30 pm. I was supposed to have gotten there at 8 pm.
  • There was a limo that came to pick me up. It was the same price as a regular shuttle!
  • The limo driver was super nice. Found out he was a graphic designer who lived in Schaumburg, my home town!
  • Unfortunately, it was his first week on the job. He had no idea where the retreat center was, even though I had been told this limo service was the one that usually services the retreat center.
  • We had to make a u-turn to find the entrance.
  • He wasn’t too sure it was the right place as there were no lights for a long time. We were creeping down a black, deserted road in a forest. It was kind of scary.
  • Finally there were lights but no signage. We sure hoped we were taking the right fork in the road.
  • We weren’t. We came to the exit and had to turn around again.
  • Finally we found some buildings.
  • The buildings looked familiar (I had been there 2 years ago) but there was no signage. I had no idea where to go.
  • The buildings were not accessible by road. There was a long, dark lawn to cross. I said I would go find out if it was the right place.
  • The limo driver refused to let me do that and went on a long walk to go check the building.
  • He said the guest registration window was closed and that it said to call security.
  • We decided to drive around to see if there was another place that might be the right place.
  • Finally, at 12:15 in the morning, we found a guy coming out of a building!
  • The limo driver jumped out of the car and ran to catch him.
  • The man said we had found the right building but everyone was gone. He said call security.
  • We drove back to the original building.
  • I said thank you to the limo driver and was going to get off but he was concerned it was a large empty building and offered to go with me. He also insisted to taking my luggage for me.
  • He escorted me to the closed window and was going to wait until security arrived, but I found an itty bitty note on a table with my keys in an envelope.
  • The limo driver was relieved I was safe and left.
  • I finally got into my room at 12:30 am.
  • By the time I unpacked and showered and got ready for bed, I was only able to get 5 hours of sleep before getting up in time for my morning meeting!

I am so thankful that wherever I go, God provides the people to watch over me and care for me. It was a bit unsettling, to say the least. But God kept me safe and I could not believe the amount of service that limo driver provided me. In the morning I found some signs for the buildings… but they were on the opposite end of the building and had no light on them at night. So I am glad that God guided us through the whole process!

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  1. Carmen Lin - June 20, 2012

    This is almost incredible. Yet again it shows how much God cares for us. May God bless that limo driver and give him good business to pick up.

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