Cohort planning

After I got safely settled in in Chicago, the rest of the trip was a blast!

I was asked to be part of a facilitation team with our denomination to oversee a leadership program for pastors. The program is called Sustaining Pastoral Excellence, with the Evangelical Covenant denomination. Its purpose is to sustain, equip and encourage pastors to develop as leaders. Well, that’s not the official purpose — that’s just my paraphrase. 🙂

Our facilitation team met to plan out the upcoming year.

Dan Pietrzyk is the director and led our team. He’s an awesome leader!

Darrell Griffin, Keith Carpenter, Don Robinson and Kyle Small…

… and Linda Cannell are part of the team. Carol was joining us because she helps facilitate the retreats too.

We got a lot done! I felt very privileged to be among such a sharp group of people. These people are SMART! As they were throwing out books they read and talking about leadership theories, my eyes started to glaze over. Too much for a simple mind like mine. These people also have a heart for God and ministry and a ton of years of cumulative ministry experience.. It was very inspiring. They also are all well connected in the Covenant. I felt like a total newbie! (One of these things is not like the others…) It was fun learning so much.

For dinner we went to Dan’s house and had a yummy dinner of grilled hamburgers and brats. Wisconsin is known for its brats and Dan lives in Wisconsin.

Dan lives nearby a lake so we went down to visit it. How beautiful! I don’t think I’d get much work done if I lived by this lake. I’d spend my time trying to paint or draw it or just sitting by it praying and daydreaming.

On the other hand, I never sit around daydreaming, so maybe I would get a lot of work done even if I lived by the lake.

The next day we hit the work again and got done in the afternoon. We talked about a ton of stuff. I took 19 pages of notes! (I use Apple Pages to take notes, using a template I designed. I even got to put in some pictures of the retreat center that I had taken on my last visit!)

After that, we booked to the airport and headed home. It was a whirlwind trip. I was totally exhausted but it was well worth it. I am very excited about working with this team on the leadership program this coming year.


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  1. Carmen Lin - June 21, 2012

    It sounds like an interesting trip except for your limo experience. But even in that God was showing His care and mercy.

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