Cooking brothers

Daniels “brother” Timmy came over this week. We discovered that Timmy makes an excellent sous chef to Daniel.

They made shrimp couscous paella. It was so good! The entire pot disappeared very quickly.

Daniel is going to do our cooking if he can’t find a job. I let him pick the recipes and then we buy the ingredients and then he does the cooking. Sometimes there are unexpected happenings, like someone ate up all the sausage so we used all we had — Chinese sausage. I guess it’s not too common for people to put Chinese sausage in a Spanish dish but it was really yummy and since I didn’t have to do the cooking, I’m to complaining!

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  • Reply Carmen Lin

    Congratulations to Daniel for being such an excellent cook! I can’t wait to sample his cooking.

    June 24, 2012 at 7:08 pm
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