Joe Montana

Megan has lately gotten into drawing cartoons of our family, based on conversations from this blog. I will post about the specifics of that later, but I wanted to write down this conversation before I forgot.

Megan was trying to think of a name for her cartoon strip. It is drawn in Japanese Chibi style — very cute!

Megan: I was thinking of maybe calling it “Chibi [something].”

Albert: You could call it  Chib-Yee. Get it?

Angela: I don’t know if most people would know what chibis are though.

Albert: (looking at Angela) Well, you didn’t know who Joe Montana was either.

Daniel: *I* don’t know who Joe Montana is.

Angela: You’re too young.

Daniel: Was he from a state?

Angela: No.

Daniel: Was he named after a state?

Angela: No.

Daniel: Did he live in a state?

Angela: No. He was a baseball player.

(Albert stares at Angela.)

Angela: I mean, a football player! Yeah, he was a football player! I meant to say that! I really did!

(Albert puts his head down on the table and pretends to sob.)

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  • Reply Carmen Lin

    Yeah, Megan is too young to know who Joe Montana is. But, Angela, you’re “too old” to remember correctly. Joe Montana was such a famous football play in his days that even I knew him and still remember him!

    July 15, 2012 at 10:14 pm
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