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Megan has definitely taken after me in her enjoyment of drawing! Her drawing style is quite different than mine, but she is totally an amazing artist of drawing people in a manga cartoon style!

She recently drew this picture. I was blown away that she did this all from her imagination.

How does she do that????

In fact it was kind of funny because a few weeks ago (could that only be 2 weeks ago?) when we went down to Irvine, I drew a picture of Daniel reading on the sofa. It was total suffering. As soon as I started the picture, I regretted it. It just did not look right. I can’t draw people and have never enjoyed drawing people.

Megan took one look at it and said, “His neck is too low and his head needs to be moved back.”

I looked at it and went, “Oh yeah! That’s what’s wrong with it!’ Ha ha!

Anyway, recently Megan has started drawing comic strips of our family. She went through my blog and found the funny conversations and has started converting them to comic form.

Here’s one of Daniel and me. (Click on the comic to see the whole thing… I tried to make it fit the screen and it was too small to read easily!)

So cute!

And another one.

It’s fun to see how the drawings have evolved over time:

  • #1 was entirely hand-drawn and hand-colored.
  • #2 was hand-drawn and colored on the computer.
  • #3 was entirely drawn and colored on the computer.

What is also fun is that these are actual conversations. Giving the way our family is, Megan will never run out of fodder for her comics!

If you’d like to see her comics, she has them posted on

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