High tea drawings

Due to scheduling conflicts, travel and such, Corrie and I were finally were able to celebrate Mother’s Day/birthday for my mom today! Daniel came along too (he likes sampling all the foods) and it was the first tea that I brought my sketchbook and drew the food!

We went to Ciocolat in Davis. We got a nice seat outside and the weather was absolutely beautiful. Here’s grandma and grandson, together! (Oops, a little out of focus!)

The tea was very nice. I think Linde Lane is still the best but this is local and it was nice to try it out again because it’s been a long time since Corrie and I went there. Service was very relaxed so while we were waiting I took out my sketchbook. Corrie snuck a picture of me drawing and I didn’t even know!

I only had time to draw lightly and then came home and finished the drawings and added watercolor. I took a picture of the food so I could have a reference photo to work from when we got home.

Here’s a summary of what we ate. (No, we did not eat the flowers and the teacup. I drew that while we were waiting for the food.)

(Click on drawing to see larger size.) I am very happy I finally figured out how to use my scanner so it picks up the more subtle colors.

I’m not a big lover of raspberries so I gave mine to Daniel. So did my mom. Daniel’s chocolate dessert had a triple header. It kind of reminded me of Mickey Mouse with three ears.

One thing I didn’t draw was the fruit bowl — beautiful fruit with delicious whipped cream.

At the end there were leftovers with a super cute little box like you find at Chinese bakeries. It was so tiny in comparison to the large cake boxes that we usually see.

It was a very relaxing time. Daniel was suffering from a cold and I was not feeling all that great (had to lie down at work later in the afternoon before I felt better) but I’m glad we were able to go out for tea together! My mom really enjoyed it too.

After dinner tonight, as our family sat around and chatted, I added the watercolors to the drawing. (They eventually abandoned me but I persevered on.)

What I learned from this drawing:

  • My writing likes to slant upwards as I go to the right.
  • The calligraphy is awful. Do not do calligraphy on bumpy paper with a marker while your hand is casting a shadow on the paper! The dining table is not a great place to do calligraphy.
  • My Tech-C pen is not waterproof. Unfortunately, it smudged as I painted. Next time I need to use a permanent ink marker.
  • Cast shadows make a big difference. The food looked like it was all floating and disconnected until I added shadows.
  • I tried using a blue shadow on the teacup, although in reality there was no blue shadow. That’s the beauty of watercolor — you can make up colors and it still looks natural!
  • Having sisters who tweet the food you are eating is really helpful. If she hadn’t done that, my descriptions would have been “scone,” “some kind of sandwich,” etc. She didn’t tweet anything about the nutty dessert so I wrote “nut bar” because I couldn’t remember what it was. Corrie and I are obsessive food photographers, but she is much better at documenting the actual food, whereas I just am all about how it looks and tastes.
  • It’s hard not to be overly critical about this drawing (could improve on layout, etc.) but I am trying to be better about journaling through sketching and this is a start!
It is too bad my other sister in is Boston. Maybe next time when she comes out all of us can go to tea together!


A Yee

Angela Yee is a professional designer (graphic design, stage design, interior design — angelayeedesign.com) and teaches leadership skills at strategysketchnotes.com.

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  1. Corrie - July 10, 2012

    Oooh – your journal page looks nice (including the colors)! The pictures of the food look delicious!

    My handwriting tends to slant up to the right, too (I think it’s a right-handed thing). I have to work pretty hard to make sure my handwriting is going straight along a blank page.

  2. A Yee

    A Yee - July 13, 2012

    Hmmm… good point about the right-handed thing. At least you pay attention to it. I wasn’t even thinking… and now all my text is slanting up. 🙂

  3. Carmen Lin - July 15, 2012

    I do not want to take good things for granted. So here I feel I must leave something, like a tip.
    This is definitely a “high” tea for me; it was a high point for my day. Thanks for taking a good picture (it’s pretty good for me) of happy grandma with grandson. Your drawings of food are good, even looking good to eat! It’s also a nice picture of Corrie before the baby came out. Now that he is out, we are glad we have a picture to show him when he is older to tell him that he was in his mommy’s tummy in that picture.
    Thanks for such a nice treat for me!

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