Welcome to Benjamin, my new nephew!

Today my sister Corrie had her baby!

It was like a speedy delivery. I got a text message at like 9:50 saying she was in labor at home. Next thing I knew, at 12:30 her baby was born! Benjamin Justice Haffly, 7/13 12:10 pm 9 lb 3 oz 21″ long.

We got a chance to go visit tonight.


Benjamin was getting a bath. What a mellow kid. I heard a very quiet wail and then that was it. Apparently he hadn’t cried the whole time except for when they patted him after he was born. At that time he gave a small whine but I think that was it.

His mother looked pretty laid back too. Maybe it was because she hardly got sleep all day. I was amazed she has delivered all three kids naturally. I’m a totally wimp and I went for meds all the way!


Albert and I got to hold the baby too. He’s a solid kid for a newborn! He was rooting around a bit, getting hungry. I happened to catch him in mid-yawn. Or maybe he was looking for his milk.


Both our kids observed from a distance. Megan thought he was adorable but she just smiled at him and was not into the holding thing.


What a wonderful gift from God! We are thankful for this precious new family member. Congrats to the Haffly family!

A Yee

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  1. Carmen Lin - July 15, 2012

    Of the births of Corrie’s 3 boys, this was the first time I was able to visit and see the baby the day of his birth. Both times before, I was in Union City, too far to make it the same day. This is an added blessing of moving to Davis.

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