Breakaway: Quest of the Time Travelers

Lately my life has been consumed with our summer day camp, which happened this past week! We had 475 kids and 270 volunteers, tons of fun and learning and activities, and life change that God was doing in people’s hearts!

I am still in wrap-up mode so this will be brief…next week is vacation and I am hoping I can catch up! Long spell of no blogging… not much of anything other than Breakaway, actually!

This year’s theme was Quest of the Time Travelers. It was bright, child-like approach to steampunk gears and galaxy kind of approach. Yeah… that makes a lot of sense…


Lots of time was spent building backgrounds, decorating, prepping, practicing, and praying! The Lord answered many prayers as lots of people came out of the woodwork to join the action… many of them last-minute! The volunteer training the week before packed out the youth center as 126 people attended — the largest group we’ve ever had at a training. Wednesday was an additional training.


We sold out the event. The preschool area actually sold out 2 weeks after registration opened! Space is limited in the preschool rooms and I guess word got around. It was so cute to watch the preschoolers in their rally as they bounced up and down singing praises to God! Here’s a picture of when they were sitting.


One of the elements the kids love is the daily drama — two of them, in fact. One is in the morning in the beginning and the other closes the morning. This year’s drama was about a boy and girl who accidentally end up in an adventure traveling through time, getting captured by pirates, ending up in the Persian kingdom, and going to the future. All this culminates with a visit to Jesus’ time. I think everyone loved the pirate scene — Captain Blackbeard (Matt Robbins) was hilarious!


Brett Stone did an outstanding job as the evil scientist, Dr. Thorn. I happened to capture this picture in mid-laugh. Totally captures his maniacal character!


I actually didn’t get a chance to take that many pictures as I was up in the tech booth during the rallies helping to cue things. But I did  manage to capture some pictures during some rehearsals.

Megan did her drama debut as an extra! Carmel Steward did an amazing job the night before putting together some British navy uniforms. Believe it or not, she used gold duct tape on a jacket!


Megan’s speaking part was the part of Hadassah, who sneaks past the guards to rescue the main characters. At one point, a guard turns around and Megan pretends to be a statue.


She also got to do some spy moves before getting to the main characters who are trapped in a cage.


Daniel was the video/pro-presenter guy. He and I hid in the tech booth during the rallies. I was the producer, though I confess I was kind of a fail producer. My other duties prevented me from attending the rehearsals when I was really  needed! Peter, Daniel and Timmy really held the fort down in the booth. Plus the other tech people were great!

(Hmmm… I realized that this picture is of Peter and the Asian crew in the tech booth again!)

Unfortunately we ended up scrambling on a lot of things due to some circumstances out of our control. Plus, we had to figure out cryptic instructions since we are using a curriculum from another church, not something that is packaged by a publisher. One of these things was an activity where we had to write words on tiny candy blocks. It ended up last minute because it took us a while to hunt down blocks and edible markers in Sacramento. The night before the activity, I had to write on over 1,000 blocks. It was kind of therapeutic and I tried to time myself to see how efficient I could be — fastest was 3 minutes 10 seconds to write all the blocks! (The blocks were one-quarter inch tall.) Seems quite tedious but putting little stickers on took even longer! Writing was faster.

There was a ton more of stuff but I’m limiting this post since I have to work tomorrow and need to get to bed!

Anyway… I am extremely grateful to so many people who made this event possible. I especially enjoyed that both my kids were there. Albert wasn’t in Breakaway this year — he was keeping us sane by making sure we had food to eat and that our home was not a total disaster — a very important role!

We had at least 18 kids make a first-time profession of faith and tons of positive comments about fun and impact — makes all the work worth it. I know God is working in these kids’ hearts in ways that we will never know. It’s a privilege to be a part of what He is doing.
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