Love package, Megan style

I am quite behind in posting thanks to being immersed in Breakaway, but at least I did take pictures so I could post later!

Breakaway was a very challenging time for me. Besides working long hours, I was having all sorts of side effects from medications, feeling very tired while feeling very agitated inside and also feeling dizzy, to boot. It was a pretty rough season but by the grace of God, I made it through.

One of the things that really helped was my loving family!

One day I received a surprise at church. Megan came scooting in and deposited this on my desk.

She had, of her own initiative, cooked me something to eat!

She made soba noodles, added grapes and topped it with whipped cream. Then she had to figure out how to keep the bento box together so she used a hairband and decorated with her hair accessory. (So creative!)

She put it in a bag and scooted to church and dropped it off for me. What an amazing surprise!

I totally love soba noodles and the fruit was a nice touch. The whipped cream had disappeared but what I appreciated most was the thoughtfulness and initiative that Megan took.

In addition, earlier Albert had written me a note of encouragement, and to my surprise Daniel wrote a note too! (Daniel is not really the note-writing type, which made it extra special.)

I feel so blessed by such a loving family. God knew what I needed to lift my spirits and I’m thankful for such special blessings!


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  1. Carmen Lin - August 6, 2012

    I think Megan is just as creative as you are! That is really lovely! Praise the Lord!

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