Breakaway Stargate entrance

As my random posts jump all over, here we go back to Breakaway again…

One of the key decor elements was the Stargate entrance in the lobby. I wrote a post on Churcheventipedia that went into my detail about the Stargate and also the super-cool hallway.

Even though I drew the original sketch, it was the amazing abilities of our volunteers that made that hallway possible.

It’s really amazing when you see an idea on paper turn into something like this…

We sure have some amazing people at our church. It is such an incredible blessing to work with them!

(After I spent the time sketching, I was like, duh, I should’ve drawn the diagram in Illustrator and imported it into Photoshop, used the Perspective tool, and saved myself a lot of time and trouble! Ah well, good to know for next time.)

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