Geeks and Google Olympics

I am not sure if it’s just today or if it’s ongoing, but Google had a very funny logo today on its home page.

It’s actually a mini-game, where you advance the runner to jump over the hurdles.

Daniel, being a gamer, got through the course in 12.8 seconds, earning him 2 medals (out of three).

They asked me to play. Since I’m not a video gamer, it was a bit amusing as I tried to use the controls. My runner looked like he was out for a stroll, and knocked over just about every hurdle, earning me…

Yes! One gold medal! More than twice as slow as Daniel!

(Megan and I laughed so much. I laughed so hard at how bad I was at it that I started crying!)

Albert, being a gamer, went over to try to help Daniel to see if they could get 3 medals.

They did better but not quite.

In the end, it was Megan and Daniel working together that beat the 12 seconds to get 3 medals.

Yes, this is what geeky families do when they are all on vacation. The family that is silly together bonds together!

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