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In my last post I mentioned that crocheting a draft snake was the exciting stuff going on in our household. I suppose that it is true for me that my life does not have much going on right now (since I’m on vacation!), but that is definitely not true for Albert.

Albert made the media this week!

Albert was interviewed by the Sacramento Business Journal and the columnist, Ed Goldman, wrote — not one, but two! — articles on Albert. Well, actually it was two posts that eventually became one article.

I took a nice, generic picture of Albert because they wanted a head shot of him. But no, they wanted the one from the William Jessup article.

Much more interesting, I think.

The first post that came out was called “An Extraordinary Professor.”

The next one was called “Where Faith and Science Meet.”

Then the author condensed both blogs into a short article that was in the Sacramento Business Journal on August 3rd. (Our anniversary!) Here is the article in Microsoft Word version — click here to read.

Albert is a bit tired of all the publicity. He and I both don’t like the limelight very much. But it brings good press for his school and I totally agree with the assessment that he is an awesome professor. What wasn’t mentioned was he’s an awesome husband too!


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