Corrie’s birthday tea

Last week, according to our tradition, Corrie and I went out to our sisters’ birthday tea, just the two of us. Well, technically it was three of us because baby Benjamin came along. 🙂

He was quite cooperative and slept the whole time so Corrie could enjoy her meal without interruption. He only woke at the end for his turn for a snack.

Corrie and I went to Linde Lane in Dixon, our favorite tea place.

They always change up the menu, so this time we felt overall the meal was not as good as previous times, but even so, it was delicious! We would go back again! We like it that they change things up.

The meal started with a delicious mango sorbet and butter cookie. Very delicious!

Then came cream of broccoli soup and a good salad.

The rest of the meal came out all together on a tiered plate. It was all very filling!

There was a turkey and focaccia bread. My favorite was a cucumber dill sandwich with pesto on top.

A new item was shrimp scampi. A small serving but it’s all about getting those tasty bites! The Caesar salad roll-up was surprisingly good. I’m not a bit Caesar salad fan but it was better than I expected.

Then came the usual scones with cream and jam — one of our favorites.

Dessert was a butter cookie with lemon frosting, a strawberry tart (soooo good), and a coconut cake (our least favorite).

Because it was Corrie’s birthday, she got a tiara and a teacup as a gift. We were kind of surprised at that and then realized all these times we have gone there we have never told them it was to celebrate our birthdays!

Baby Benjamin slept soundly the whole time, making very cute noises.

Corrie and I had a good time chatting and catching up. We are trying to get together for coffee/tea regularly once a month because it is hard to line up our schedules. Being at different stages of life certainly has its challenges — early morning toddlers are quite different from late-night teenagers! But I am glad we live close so we can see each other at all!

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