Megan’s birthday party

Megan had a very low key birthday party yesterday. Her birthday is not until next week but by then everyone will be in school. So she had a very simple and small birthday party to celebreate.

It was her idea of an ideal birthday party… eat lots of food…

Open gifts…

Have birthday cake…

(Disclosure: the cake was my idea, not hers. She was pretty happy not having a cake and not having candles. I insisted on at least one candle.)

In addition, they did lots of singing (that’s what happens when your friends are musicians) and watched the BBC show Sherlock.

A very happy 16th to Megan, from her friends Lily, Margaret and Ariel.

Then they all decided to do the Asian type of photo. Lily is an honorary Asian. 🙂

Great fun!

A Yee

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