Volunteer sweet spot

It has been ages since I have posted on Visual Church Leader but finally… a post reflecting on helping volunteers find their sweet spot. I also got tired of the dark look and went with a cleaner template that showed the posts in a more graphical format. Obviously I am still learning how to make […]

@masterchef at work

It’s a bit funny that Daniel’s handle on Twitter is @masterchef. He made up that identity for himself years ago, and it seems to have been prophetic. Since Daniel was not able to find a job this summer, he’s the designated cook, and we sure have enjoyed the fruits of his labor!

Baby therapy

September has been an overly-busy month for me. So busy and stressful that unfortunately it has affected my health and I have felt in a bit of a decline lately. However, yesterday I was able to take a little time and get some of the best therapy around — holding my baby nephew!