Funny son

My son is quite amusing. Yesterday we went to UCD to get his ID picture taken. I was trying to figure out where we were because we had briefly looked at the campus map before going to the school.

Scene 1: At the UCD campus

Angela: I wonder where we are.

Daniel: Oh! I finally got a map!

Angela: You did!

Daniel: Yes, I no longer have to wander around the labrynth. It turns out you have to pay for it.

Angela: What!? You have to pay for the map?

Daniel: Yeah, but it was only 5 gold.

Angela: 5 gold?

Daniel: Uh… yeah… but it’s not that much. I have 300 gold.

Angela: 300 gold…?

I was totally baffled. I was thinking:

  1. Why would UCD charge money for a campus map?
  2. Why did UCD have its own currency. At least the “gold” part made sense since one of its school colors was gold.
  3. How did  Daniel get the UCD currency when we had only just paid his tuition bill?

In the end, I discovered that Daniel was talking about a video game! Earlier in the day he had been wandering around a maze, unable to get out. He had been talking about his game and I thought he was talking about the campus map.

We had a good laugh about that!


Scene 2: Also at the UCD Campus

Later, Daniel stepped into a very wide walkway and almost got run over by a bike. He said, “Studies show that looking both ways before crossing the street is better for your health.”

He definitely takes after his dad’s sense of humor!


Scene 3: At Target

Daniel needed to get a planner for school, so we went to the school section. Daniel picked up a planner.

Daniel: Hey, this is the one I got last year! I’ll get this one.

Angela: Are you sure? Do you want to look at other planners?

Daniel: No. (Daniel hates shopping.)  It’s a good price and it’s what I used last year. I’ll take this one.

Angela: Hmmm… it looks a bit heavy to me.

Daniel: It’s fine. Let’s go.

Angela: (flipping open the planner) Are you sure this is what you want to get? Did you get the one that has one page per day last year? It’s got every hour marked out.

Daniel: (Barely looking at it) I don’t need all that space. I just won’t use it. Let’s go.

Angela: (picking up another planner) Are you sure you didn’t get this one? This is the weekly planner. It’s got a whole week on 2 pages. And look at how light it is.


Daniel: Uh… yeah… That’s the one I got last year! (sheepish grin)

I love my big-picture, non-detail-oriented son! 🙂


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