Organized son

Today Daniel was in a bit of a funk. Then I heard him washing dishes — on his own!

After that, he said his desk was bugging him — and he cleared off the entire disaster area so it is now just about spotless!

After a bit, I heard Megan talking to him out in the living room. She said, “Wait, are you cleaning up cables? After washing dishes? Are you sick?” Obviously this was not normal behavior!

When Daniel called me out to show me what he had done, I was so amazed. I wish I had a before picture, but our TV area was a mess before — cables and video cases everywhere. Daniel had put them all neatly and even had gotten some rubber bands to wind up the cables that were sprawled out everywhere!

And then he went and organized all the accessories in the bucket, grouping them by platform type!

As he lay on the sofa reflecting, he said to me, “Wait. Didn’t you say when you feel depressed that you like to organize stuff and then you feel better afterwards?”

I said, “Yes. Did it work?”

He said, “It did!”

After a little while, he went upstairs to his room. Yes, here is the evidence that he was actually cleaning up his shelf! Unasked! Of his own initiative!

I even managed to get a before picture this time.

He didn’t spend too terribly long on it (I’m sure this must have been his longest organizing stint in his life!), but what a great improvement it was!

What is particularly impressive is that half of the stuff on his shelf is not even his — it’s the rest of the family’s stuff that doesn’t fit in our other shelves.

After that, Daniel was done with organizing. He said at this rate, his next organizational bout will be when he is almost 36 years old (he is turning 18).

He was also done with my taking pictures of him.


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