New car windshield

Last week I had the opportunity to see how a car windshield is replaced. It was really fascinating!

For the last eight years, we have been driving around with a crack in our windshield. A rock hit it and it made about a three- or four-inch crack. We never got around to fixing it. Then, all of a sudden this past week, the crack more than doubled, spreading across our windshield. It was time to get replaced. (Albert thinks it was due to thermal expansion. He’s a physics guy. He thinks of these types of things.)

On Saturday, a guy from All Star Glass came and replaced our windshield. We didn’t even have to go anywhere — he came to us! I was very impressed at how efficient he was. He obviously was very experienced and knew exactly what he was doing.

He said their warehouse has hundreds of windshields. Albert had just called them the day before and he came early in the morning! He placed the windshield on a stand and squirted liquid to clean it (I presume).

Then he removed all the rubber sealing from our car and also the gutter-type of section of the car.

The windshield popped right out!

It was kind of weird seeing a car with no windshield, with the mirror with its lights on just hanging there. He told us we could drive it like a convertible now.

Then he used a little bottle and rolled on some liquid. I had no idea what it was so I asked him. He said it was primer.

The he applied the rubber seal that goes all around the window.

Albert was really impressed by the caulking tool. At first he used it manually to apply sealing stuff around the windshield.

But then Albert was impressed because he attached the gun to his electric drill and the drill did all the work of pushing out the black stuff along the edges of the window space int he car. It was so interesting watching it all squeeze out, like cake decorating! (I guess most guys probably would not describe it that way, but that’s what came to my mind!)

He then used a large suction cup with a handle to pick up the windshield and put it in place. Everything fit perfectly.

It was quite a very interesting education. When we had earlier asked the guy if we could watch, he said, “Extra for the show.” It was totally like watching a workshop demonstration!



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