Moral decisions

Today the kids and I were in the car driving and the following conversation occurred.

Daniel: It was very interesting in school when we had discussions about moralism.
Angela: What do you mean?
Daniel: Like when you have to make moral decisions, like, “A store clerk gives you too much change. Do you give the extra back or not?” How hard is it to make a decision?
Angela: Well that’s an easy decision. Of course you give it back!
Daniel: That shows that you have strong morals, because it’s an easy decision for you, you don’t even have to think. (Goes on to explain the other categories, like when it’s hard to make a decision, but I can’t remember exactly what he said.)
Angela: Wow. I don’t ever remember learning that in school.
Daniel: I didn’t learn that in school. I learned that in a book I read.
Angela: What book was that?
Daniel: I don’t remember. Probably some book about parenting.
Megan: I read that book too. I think I read it in third grade.
Angela: What?!!! You were reading books like that in third grade?
Megan: (shrugging) Well, you know. Homeschoolers.

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