Baby therapy

September has been an overly-busy month for me. So busy and stressful that unfortunately it has affected my health and I have felt in a bit of a decline lately.

However, yesterday I was able to take a little time and get some of the best therapy around — holding my baby nephew!

My sister’s son is one of the most mellow babies I have ever seen (probably along with his oldest brother). When I went to their house, he was just lying on the bed, looking at the ceiling with big eyes and waving his arms and feet around. Totally adorable!

It was time for his nap though, so I just sat in the rocking chair and he perched his chin on my shoulder and looked out the back door.

That’s how he rested the whole time, barely squirming or moving. (Love those big cheeks! Just couldn’t help kissing them!)

After a while, the sleepiness became quiet obvious.

And pretty soon he was out cold.

Having had two very squirmy baby children, I can’t believe what a total blessing it is to have a baby that likes to be held and cuddled! I got to hold him the whole time until he woke up to eat. After a quick snack, he was out cold with a milk coma again so I got to hold him some more.

I think God made babies for many reasons, one of them to remind us of the peace we can have when we rest in His arms. My nephew was a really good reminder of that. 🙂

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