Creating awe through special effects

I put up a post on Design Arts Today about a presentation that I thought was fascinating. It was Rob Legato’s talk about how he created visual effects for some movies. What was so interesting to me was thinking about all the subconscious thoughts and emotions we get when we watch these scenes — and they aren’t even real!

As someone who helps create events and experiences, one of the things that we do is put ourselves into the audience’s shoes — how will they experience the event? Will we be able to achieve the goal (i.e. inspiration, challenge, comfort, etc.) for why we created the event in the first place? I know the Holy Spirit is the one who works in people’s hearts, but there are elements of the event that can hinder that if there are distractions. On the other hand, there can be powerful or moving elements used to help people be more sensitive to what God is doing in their hearts.

Hmm… I guess that’s a bit of a leap to go from movie special effects to creating experiences, but I guess that’s what happens when you are interested in both!

A Yee

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