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It’s a bit funny that Daniel’s handle on Twitter is @masterchef. He made up that identity for himself years ago, and it seems to have been prophetic. Since Daniel was not able to find a job this summer, he’s the designated cook, and we sure have enjoyed the fruits of his labor!

Unfortunately we have no natural lighting in our eating area, so these pictures are a bit off on color, but they should give an idea of the variety of recipes he’s been trying.

Way back on August 8th: roasted potato, zucchini, and tomatoes with goat cheese and herbs:

He likes me to take pictures of his food to document his hard work.

This month he’s even branched out on multi-course dishes, like this one of steak, salad with fruit and fresh mozzarella, and orzo.

There was also an odd recipe called Cheeseburger Pizza. The impressive thing was he made the dough from scratch and it was delicious. The unimpressive thing was that I selected such a strange recipe in the first place.

This was a “lasagna” made of Chef Boyardi canned ravioli, spinach, and ricotta. That was definitely an odd list of ingredients but it was so good!

When it comes to desserts, we usually make them together. It is good mother-son bonding and I like to make everything efficient so both of us are working with no gaps sitting around waiting. (My systems streamlining tendencies coming out, I’m afraid.) This one was a “napoleon” of phyllo dough, canned peaches, and whipped cream. It was so yummy, though the phyllo dough was a bit on the doughy side because we didn’t follow the directions correctly.

Next week our son starts school and we lose our full-time chef. Wahhhh!!!!! We will be back to scrounging for leftovers and eating whatever we can make up on the spot. Daniel will still help cook on the weekends but I need to figure out a way to cook on Mondays and Wednesdays when Daniel has 12+ hour days of school (lots of classes spread out) and Albert has a super long day teaching multiple classes and Megan has rehearsals and such. Should be interesting. I can foresee eating lots of frozen veggies…

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  1. Carmen Lin - September 24, 2012

    Daniel’s cooking certainly looks impressive, at least from these pictures, although I still need to taste it personally for me to make a judgment.

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