A mystery with the Ministry Directors

Every year, our church makes a video to introduce our pastors, called Ministry Directors. This year a while back our family was sitting around during dinner chatting and came up with an idea that a crime has been committed and all the MDs are suspects.

Megan, who wants to be a film director, made it possible. With her love of film-making and telling stories, she had the passion and drive to make it happen.

It was really a fun family project — we generated ideas around the dinner table and then Daniel and Megan shut themselves up in Megan’s room and we heard a lot of giggling and laughing. Then since it was on a Google Doc, we could all edit, though Megan did the majority of the script writing. She wasn’t happy with the ending, so Albert changed it, improving it greatly.

The Ministry Directors all did a great job of acting!! It was fun to see their personalities come out. David Cripe was the detective and he did awesome too!

Megan was the director, really the Director of Photography, while I helped coach the acting. Then Daniel and I served as assistants, running sound and cameras, adjusting lights and helping Megan with whatever she needed.

It’s not often I get to do a project with my kids, so it was really fun. As a parent it’s fun to see your kids when they do something they are passionate about. Megan spent hours editing this thing. The day before it was supposed to be shown, she spent 18 hours straight editing — and that was only working on the second half of the video! She was up until 5:30 am and I kept her company, getting her sound effects and soundtrack music to save her time. She worked hard!

The video ended up getting cut the next day, but it was played a week later, this past Sunday. Afterwards we went out to Shoki Ramen House as a celebration for Megan’s completing such an awesome project! After all, ramen is her favorite food, so there was no better way to celebrate!

Click on the image below to see the video.

The image links to Megan’s video channel. (Be sure to check out all her other awesome videos!) I also put it on my video channel, along with the other videos for UCC. You can see what a huge contrast this year’s video is to the one I made last year! Sure is nice to have a budding film director head up the project. 🙂


A Yee

Angela Yee is a professional designer (graphic design, stage design, interior design — angelayeedesign.com) and teaches leadership skills at strategysketchnotes.com.

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