Baby nephew photo shoot

Today my sister Corrie came over for a visit and I took advantage of it by having a quick photo shoot of my adorable nephew.

First shot was what my sister calls the “starfish pose.”


But then his personality started showing. I call this the “Toyota” shot, from a commercial when I grew up where people would jump in the air and say, “Oh, what a feeling!”

Then we moved him to a location with better light. What a difference!

I love this photo. He is soooooooo cute!

I feel totally spoiled. The other month, Albert said he was going through midlife crisis and thought about buying a motorcycle, but he bought a camera instead. He bought a Canon 5D Mark II, a really nice camera. Since he doesn’t really take pictures, he said I could use it.

Ha ha! My husband is so funny. 🙂

I am so thankful to be able to capture these precious moments!

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  1. Carmen Lin - October 13, 2012

    It looks that Benjamin is not only growing but he looks quite different from when he was born. He’s looking more like an Asian.

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