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Tonight my kids and some of their friends are engrossed watching a championship. Not a football, basketball, or other sports tournament. It’s a computer video game tournament, League of Legends (LOL).

It’s pretty amazing… like a sports competitive event! There are 7,000 people in the stadium and there was an orchestra and choir performing to a video with lasers and lights. (These are screen shots from the live streaming video.)

There are commentators, just like at sports events.

And, of course, the prize cup. (Though the real prize is like $1 million for the first place team.)

Here’s a view of the players, with the cup at the side.


The kids are especially happy that both final contending teams are Asian. They cheer and comment on the game while they are watching.

I on the other hand, only hear gibberish. Here’s what I’m hearing as I type. I’m sure none of that this is written correctly but since I have no I no idea what they’re talking about, that’s what it sounds like to me.

“They are focusing on getting their gold advantage up… they do seem contentious farming. So and so is farming out the top lane… The AD karis is a two and a half thousand something something… Having her 600 range makes her extremely hard to close on… He’s  couple hundred gold wins from a phantom dancer… That is immensely powerful GPA… With the death cap, they can go fight on Baron… this is really just item threshold… We will have the cool down and the coverage continues until they get dropped. They can tank down the turret but wanted to get shy… Here comes the baron sweep… Rapid star is able to isolate a member of his team but they’re waiting for the blue buff team to respond. There’s just one ultimate… Azubu Frost needs to contest, the GPA is going to peel. If they are going to initiate, it’s going to come from Stanley with a flash taunt; Dominion got pumped with a rapid star. They took down another nexus turn and another inhibitor.” (Lots of cheers in the background.)

Yeah, that’s about the equivalent of what I hear when a football game is going on.

Here’s a screen shot of the live game in process, with the video shots of the competitors on the bottom.

So what goes in my mind when I watch?

  • Ooooooh… look at the pretty colors.
  • Lots of flashing lights, zaps, booms and cheering; wonder what it means?
  • Wonder who is on what team and how you can tell who is on what team?
  • LOL does a good job with their graphics.
  • I like how their website looks.
  • They employ really good artists and illustrators.
  • Nice lighting.
  • I like the color scheme.

And that is LOL from the eyes of a non-video game playing graphic designer.


P.S. My son informed me that it is supposed to be “TPA” (for Taipei Assassins), not “GPA” as in Grade Point Average. Obviously, when I went to school I spent more time studying than playing video games.

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  • Reply Glen Nielsen

    That is HILARIOUS!!! Who would ever have thought that people would sit around watching other people play video games for money!!! Especially in a stadium, no less!!! So funny that they show head shots of the guys playing. Wonder if they ever do a close up of the keyboards and mouse, or ever go back and show slow-motion instant replay?

    October 13, 2012 at 11:06 pm
  • Reply Leslie

    At first I was trying to figure out if the commentators and audience were real or virtual!! At this type of event, you never know!

    October 19, 2012 at 9:16 am
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