noteshelf summer to-do’s

This summer during my vacation I discovered an app that I totally fell in love with, called Noteshelf. It’s basically an electronic version of a handwritten piece of paper. I liked it because I could write in it just like a piece of paper.

Plus, with lots of pretty colors, I made my to-do list up with different types of calligraphy!

It uses what is called a “skeumorphic” interface — the notebooks are laid out like they are on a bookshelf. Skeumorphic design is when something imitates real life. I liked that I could change out the covers and have leather-looking ones. 🙂

What is cool about the app is you can customize your papers. So I found tons of free paper textures online and adjusted them to the right size. Then I imported them in and now I have over 20 different paper styles to pick from!

But the fun part was writing. I got to make my to-do list with different types of writing. (I have always had a fascination with fonts since I was a young kid.)

Just this past week Noteshelf came out with calligraphy pens! So I made a list of things to do just for fun. My calligraphy is not the best but it is fun to experiment.

Then during Sunday service I also got to try out the calligraphy pens as I followed Matt’s sermon.

So fun!

A Yee

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