An evening at William Jessup University

Last Saturday was a special event! My husband got to be a speaker at a really fancy dinner at his work, William Jessup University. We had a pretty sharp-looking group accompanying us too!

WJU put on a special fundraising dinner to raise scholarships for their students. Somebody sponsored a table for Albert and our friends prayed for him and also enjoyed a nice glimpse of the university. I have never seen this group dressed up like this before. We are all kind of a sweats and jeans type normally!

Here I am with Brent, Carrie, Keith, Stacy, Glen and Karen. My hubby was inside getting ready. Everyone looked so nice, but later I found out before they picked me up there was total chaos, including one of the guys running around in… let’s just say, a less-than-full state of dress. By the time they picked me up, everyone in the van looked quite prim and proper and composed.

In fact, dressing up was such a special occasion that we spent a long time taking pictures because people were saying, “This is just like prom!” so all the couples took pictures.

Pretty soon my husband came out, looking quite debonair in his new suit that Mom got him.

So we got a picture together too!

Then it was time to go inside. I was totally wowed by the interior. I couldn’t help myself and went crazy taking pictures. This is what happens when a designer goes to a nicely decorated event.

A few days before, this had been a empty warehouse. It was totally transformed. They had silent auction tables with nicely displayed merchandise, lighted with gobos (they make light patterns… that’s what you can see on the ground).

There were long fabric drapes, falling like waterfalls from the ceiling.

One area was like a lounge. There were trees and grasses lit by LED PAR lights. It’s amazing what lights do to bring atmosphere.

There was live music too… a band played. They were all music students. (Albert went around proudly saying, “Those are my students!”)

The eating area had a cool blue wash over it. I wasn’t sure if they did this to separate the auction/lounge area from the eating area, using warm and cool lighting? Who knows? (Lighting people think about these types of things.) Anyway, it was a cool effect.

The tables were so beautiful!

I especially appreciated the centerpieces. Every one was different! Though, being a practical person, I thought, how did they bend these pipes and how do they store these things?? They must take a ton of storage space!

Each place setting had a menu on one side and the program on the other side.

Here’s how the waterfall-fabric looked from another point of view..

The “bar” served a really yummy grapefruit plus other fruit drink garnished with maraschino cherries and orange zest. There was a cool centerpiece decoration there too.

Here’s how the drink bar looked. I wondered where they got such a tall table and peeked and saw cardboard boxes under there. 🙂

Being an event organizer, I couldn’t help but peek behind the curtain too. There were long tables with people plating dishes. Here they are plating the salad. I wanted so much to follow people around and observe how they did everything but tried to take off my event hat and enjoy the evening.

And enjoy it I did! The chef overseeing the food preparation was from Bon Appetit Magazine. Everything was absolutely delicious! I brought the menu card home but I’m not quite sure what I did with it, so I’ll have to go off memory. The salad had greens with sliced golden beets. The dressing was some kind of mayonnaise dressing. (Sorry the lighting isn’t too good but this is what happens when food is in blue lighting!)

Then the Crossroads singing group performed. They were amazing. Albert said, “Those are my students!” Apparently this is the advantage of teaching a General Education course — a lot of students go through your course!

Then next up was chicken with braised… um… greens… not sure what kind… with brown butter sweet potatoes. The chicken was cooked to perfection. It had dark meat and white meat and it was some of the juiciest white meat I have ever had.

President John Jackson and some other very important people spoke.

And then my husband got up and gave a five-minute talk on innovation. He did great! I was so proud of him!

There was a dessert bar where people could pick up as many desserts as they wanted to eat. There were three types — a fruit tart, chocolate eclair, and assorted mini cheesecakes. All quite delicious!

Because our friends had never been to Jessup before, Albert took us all around and showed the grand sights. He walked backwards, facing us, and said in a nasally voice, “Thank you for attending the tour, ladies and gentlemen. On the left here you can see the administrative offices… we’re walking, we’re walking, we’re walking…”

I liked the lights!

A new gym was recently built. What a nice-looking gym! I love the color of the floor.

The dining cafeteria was newly opened as well. I was wondering how much those pumpkins weighed and who was the lucky person who got to pick them up and haul them in. I think I could manage the top ones.

When they renovated the room, they discovered a beautiful wooden ceiling under all the paint, so they restored it. It’s a very lovely cafeteria and very nice facilities overall. (I love this picture of their dorms!)

It was a really inspiring evening hearing what God is doing through the university, impacting students for the future and changing the world through their education. I am glad my husband has the opportunity to be part of investing in these students’ lives!


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