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Family thanksgiving dinner

Although Thanksgiving was Thursday, we didn’t celebrate it until Friday, when both my mom and sister’s family were able to come over for dinner.

I think this was Megan’s first time holding a baby! She said she felt quite awkward.

But she finally got the hang of it… (kind of).

Here’s a rare picture of our family together! (Minus me, of course… the person always behind the camera.)

Due to my low energy levels these days, we don’t really have people over for dinner… so this was a nice treat. My sister and her husband have their hands full! Taking care of the baby…

And the other boys.

The dinner was delicious. Albert made American food — a roast and sweet potatoes. My mom made Chinese food — veggies and soup.

And Corrie made a delicious homemade pumpkin pie. Everything was truly homemade, including using fresh pumpkin and whipping her own cream. It was so good. I forgot to take a picture before making a cut, though.

Baby Benjamin was so cute that I couldn’t help but take pictures of him. Corrie noticed a distinct resemblance between Benjamin and Australian bush babies (see here for the photo).

My mom kept trying to move Benjamin to face the camera and I had to tell her not to because I was trying to get a certain angle. Megan said, “I’ve learned now that when Mom gets out the camera, don’t move.” LOL. That’s my daughter. She knows me well.

We also had some after-dinner entertainment. (Sorry so dark… not much light by our piano…)

The evening ended, as I mentioned in my previous post, with the boys running around and playing with the bunnies I made for them. I have great nephews. They are so fun and really great kids!

As we wrap up this Thanksgiving season, I have had an opportunity to thank God for His goodness in countless ways. It was really nice to celebrate together as a family and have a restful weekend. Now that Thanksgiving is over, it’s full speed ahead prepping for our Christmas Eve services, one of the busiest seasons for me all year. So if you don’t read many blogs these next few weeks, you’ll know why! 🙂

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