Dexter the Dog and Baby Benjamin

The other day Corrie and I went out to tea. I went to her house to pick her up and got to meet her new puppy, Dexter!

Dexter is super cute. He’s energetic and affectionate and is in the process of being trained in sitting, going potty, etc. I’m not a big dog lover, but I really like Dexter! So does the rest of their family.

Dexter is four months old, the same age as Benjamin. So now Corrie has two babies in her household!

Benjamin, as usual, was being his charming self. Steve was making Benjamin laugh his cute little baby giggles.

Benjamin gets lots of love.

It was very sweet seeing how big brother Steven loved on him.

Big brother has another role too — counting how many times Benjamin rolls over. He keeps the tally marks on a sheet of paper.

Although rolling over is a big accomplishment, Benjamin is not too happy about it. He does not like being on his tummy. I got a lot of great grimace photos.

But he also gets easily distracted. Look, a bird! Oh. It’s just big brother.

Finally, after much fussing, he rolls over and Steven tallies another mark.

After this photo shoot, Corrie and I abandoned all the kids and animals (except Benjamin) at home into the care of her husband and we went to Starbucks where we hung out. What a cute kid! (Corrie took this picture.)

After Corrie fed him, he sat contentedly on my lap, munching on his hands. I love this shot because this is how I saw him from my point of view.

It’s kind of funny how the culture at Starbucks is just pay attention to your own table and ignore everyone around you, because I’m sure I must have looked odd holding my big, heavy SLR camera up in the air above the baby in my lap and clicking lots of photos!

It was nice getting a baby fix and seeing my sister and her family. Benjamin is such an easy, cute, and happy little boy!

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