Catalyst One Day Conference

As I mentioned in previous posts, my week after Thanksgiving was a packed one.

Day #1: Christmas decorating.

Days 2-4: Stage design.

Day 5: Catalyst Conference.

The conference came at a crazy time but it was great!


This year was the first time the Catalyst Conference was held in northern California. Ever since Daniel and I went to the big Catalyst conference in Atlanta, I have been a total fan of Catalyst. When I heard that they were coming out to our area, I was very excited. Our Ministry Director team all went except for one person, and an intern came along too!

The topic was on organizational leadership and I learned so much that it will take a while to process! We will be going through the content over the next couple of months as a team.

One of the things that Catalyst is known for is a fun environment, and during the conference they took a break to have everyone throw stress balls into some baskets on people’s heads.


People didn’t seem to want to stop throwing them, though.

Seeing as there were more balls than could possibly fit into either basket, the contest was declared a tie and each person won a prize.

It was a really great break in a stressful week and I was very thankful for the opportunity to attend, not only because of the amazing content but also the chance to be together as a team.

A Yee

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