Contemporary Christmas Eve

I am obviously way behind in my posts here!

I was super busy in the month of December preparing for the Christmas Eve services. Here’s what we did for the contemporary program. (Someone else handled the Classic service.)

My previous posts have talked about charting out music, painting the village set, creating the drama, and the stage design, but here is what actually happened during the program.

Megan, Albin, Ariel and Daniel made up an awesome string quartet that played in the lobby while people were entering. It really made such a great atmosphere of Christmas celebration as people came in!


Five minutes before service started, they had to go to the stage to get in place. The lighting there was definitely different from the lobby! (There were even times they had to play in the dark!)


Jonathan and Gary led the congregational singing. (Albert and I got to play together, something we always enjoy!)


Then Allie did an amazing acappella rendition of “O Come O Come Emmanuel.”


As the string quartet played, the kids recited Scripture foretelling the birth of the Messiah.


Jenny sang the theme song of “Noel,” which proclaimed that God is with us.


The drama was read by Karen to the kids…


about a village that has become obsessed with iThings…


and how a boy named Joey reminds his friends that what is more important is their relationships with each other and telling the stories of God working in their lives.


The drama segued to people from our congregation sharing personal stories of moments when they saw God was with them.


The adults and children all gathered on stage holding signs declaring the theme.


Jamie preached a sermon of how God came as a child to the earth, and Jesus’ gift to us.


The services ended with candle lighting and singing. (This picture is from the Classic service. They had a totally different program except for the sermon and candle lighting.)


I am glad one of our photographers captured a shot from far back.


This program was the highlight of my year. So many things I love most about ministry culminated… the passion for those who do not yet know Christ, the sharing of the gospel, the expression of God-given creativity, and people teaming together and using their gifts for God’s glory. It was totally awesome!

(Many thanks to Sherry Hancock and Katie Juranek for taking these pictures!)

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